Who's Really Getting Hurt?

  1. 40% of students Expelled from U.S schools each year are Black
  2. 70% of students involved in “in-school” Arrests or referred to law Enforcement are black or Latino.
  3. Black students are three and a half times more likely to be suspended than whites.
  4. 68% of all males in state and federal Prison Do not have a High School Diploma.
  5. A 2007 study by the Advancement Project and the Power U Center for Social Change says that for every 100 students who were suspended, 15 were Black, 7.9 were American Indian, 6.8 were Latino and 4.8 were white. – The same study reports that the U.S. spends almost $70 billion annually on incarceration, probation and parole. This number lends itself to a 127% funding increase for incarceration between 1987-2007. Compare that to a 21% increase in funding for higher education in the same 20-year span.

How Racism Is A Cause

  1. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, which in 2013 ordered school districts to respond to student misbehavior in “fair, non-discriminatory, and effective” ways. Black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times greater than White students, while Black and Latino students account for 70 percent of police referrals.
  2. Black students do not “act out” in class more frequently than their White peers. But Black students are more likely to be sent to the principal’s office for subjective offenses, like “disrupting class”. White students, on the other hand, are more likely to be suspended for objective offenses, like drug possession.
  3. Even In Preschool, Black children represent 18 percent of preschool students, but account for 48 percent of pre-school suspensions. Yes, we’re talking about 4-year-olds.